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Professional Experience with AccentDG

Dead End Paradise

  Restaurant - Bar

Area             126 sq m

Status           Completed 

Location       Beirut, Lebanon

The conception of the new bar Dead End Paradise began after the aftermath of the Beirut explosion that left Electric Bing Sutt in a mess, as an aspiration to a new life. Located in the trendiest street Gemmayze, the Asian tiki bar with a middle Eastern twist lies at an actual dead end. 

While preserving the existing architecture, the place was stripped down to its raw layer. In each corner, a collection of moments and events were inserted, creating an ambiance of collectiveness. Some of the furniture's old bar were used, adapting them in the space, as in the dining area that is defined by a linear green leather bench.

While seeping in from the outside, one comes into contact with the central bar, the protagonist of the space. Highlighted behind it is the mixology “Lab”, where most of their in-house alcohol is distilled

The insertion of a bright yellow amphitheater on the left side of the bar accentuates the contrast within the space, while the presence of the pole dancing stage lighting up during the night, accentuates the playfulness.

Openings were maximized on the street façade to blur the boundary between the indoor and outdoor; creating fluidity and porosity while allowing an abundancy of light in. An electric blue scaffolding structure was erected on the façade, melting with the “under-construction” spirit of the city and creating a new type of spatial definition. The lighting plays a big role in this bar, in which it creates two different moods of playground between the day and the night.

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