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Professional Experience with AccentDG

Electric Bing Sutt 

  Restaurant - Bar

Area              80 sq m

Status           Completed 

Location       Beirut, Lebanon

Electric Bing Sutt is an all-day resto/bar reinterpreting the Hong Kong - inspired speak - easy eatery in Beirut. 

Having a longitudinal façade, the idea was to make it occupiable, opening it up to the street by enlarging the windows and implementing a bench all along, blurring the boundary of the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Furniture Plan

A pink neon sign in Chinese calligraphy, archetypal of the Electric Bing Sutt concept, was inserted in the dining area, transforming it into an intimate red drinking room at night. Once it is dimmed and the natural daylight floods, the place metamorphoses into a perfect destination for daytime coffee and lunch dates.

The aftermath of the Beirut explosion left the city’s hippest bar, Electric Bing Sutt, in a total state of destruction. Three months later, the conception of a new project began: Dead End Paradise.

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