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Academic Experience

Master's degree final year project at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik

Escape in the nature of Bolonia

Ranked 1st among the class of 2016 , with the highest grade of 95/100




Goal: Create a cultural center with a role to promote the region of Bolonia in all seasons of the year by reviving its cultural image, using its natural resources.

Location: The chosen site accommodates 3 traditional buildings with significant heritage, located in the middle of the forest, in the village Bolonia in Lebanon.

Main Concept: 


Inspired by the continuous evolvement of nature and by its linearity horizontally and vertically, the purpose was to link the main functions by implementing a light structure with minimal impact on the surface and on the traditional architecture, where it is going to enter and play a role.

The project is divided into 3 main areas:
1- The Intellectual (building A)

2- The Social (the forest)
3- The Artistic (building B)


1- The Intellectual

Principal function: Library

Design procedure: 

After analyzing the main layout, 3 main rectangles were created forming overlayed slabs on top of each other, accentuating the rectangularity, where an insertion of structure took place:

- Its main role is to support the slabs by giving them a floating appearance.

- It also delimits the spaces and the functions: library, study room and conference room.

2nd floor plan - The Library

General Section

 In each floor, a composition of specific functions are inserted in the structure.
Ground Floor view - Acoustic Panels.

Circulation leading to the main functions

2nd Floor view

2- The Social

Located in the heart of the forest, this part offers outdoor activities and bungalows

It was treated by inserting a structure that supports the slab of the path and it forms the circulation linking the buildings. When the path touches the ground, the columns loosen and disperse indicating a function (exposition, bungalows, gathering space and outdoor activities). The walk is complemented by relaxation and contemplation areas.

General Plan of the site and the project

Outdoor exhibition integrated in the structure

General section of the project

3- The Artistic

The 3rd part of the project is constituted of an abandoned farm, renovated to accommodate expositions and workshops

It is originally composed of 3 volumes. The approach was to plug in a light addition for a bigger area while preserving the internal courtyard by adding a structure that plays the role of the main circulation. Moreover to open skylights in the ceiling, allowing natural light to enter the interior spaces.

View of the workshop with an opening in the slanted ceiling letting the natural light in

General sections showing the circulation and the main interior functions

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