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Academic Experience

2nd-year bachelor degree project at the Holy Spirit University


Tea Boutique







tasting area



To design a boutique selling products of choice

Subject Chosen         

Asian tea boutique selling tea products, including a degustation and display area

Inspired by the minimalistic asian scene and the simple division of their houses’ (a), the project was divided into 3 main

zones (b): the window display, the shop and the tasting area, all linked by the main circulation (c)

GIF showing the design process

The main idea was to create a minimalistic feel by using simple design elements, pure geometric forms, (the display units), and limited and plain materials (wood, concrete, and white paint)


The tasting area is sunken in the floating slab, creating a seat, while putting it in the center of attraction where customers can enjoy drinking and trying tea. It is surrounded by metal mesh from two sides to give it some sort of privacy from the rest of the shop.

Video taking us through the project

General section A

General section B

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