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Professional Experience with AccentDG

Studio M

Concept Store - Retail

Area              120 sq m

Status           Completed 

Location       Beirut, Lebanon

Ground Floor Furniture Plan

For this renovated project, the focus was to preserve as much of the existing state as possible. The driving reasons were the existing levels and columns in the space. The three existing platforms, dividing the volume and graded to follow the slope of the exterior street, have been preserved by treating their materials.

Pealed back drywall on the concrete columns helped define the minimalistic rebellious vibe the owner was intending to achieve.

The display units were costum made and designed perfectly to fit each corner according to the dimensions and functions. They were located along the edges and in key locations down in the middle of the store in order to achieve a comfortable flow and circulations, and made from steel, marble and concrete to make the store one cohesive experience.

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